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Gay bound tight – Troy “The Tank” Sparks vs Sebastian “The Tiger” Keys

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Troy “The Tank” Sparks vs Sebastian “The Tiger” Keys

Sebastian Keys
“The Tiger”
HT: 6’0″
WT: 170lbs
Season W/L record (1-0)
Lifetime W/L record (8-5)

Troy Sparks
“The Tank”
HT: 5’10”
WT: 170lbs
Season W/L record (0-0)

Stepping onto the mat for the first time is Troy “The Tank” Sparks. Sparks has been a member of the site for quite sometime now and today, he says he’s ready to prove that he has what it takes to fight. Challenging the newcomer is our own veteran Sebastian “The Tiger” Keys who’s ready to show this newcomer a thing or two on the mat. Right off the bat the Tank pounces on the Tiger and catches him in a full nelson. But Sebastian breaks free and gets Troy in a leg scissor, squeezing him like a constrictor while shoving a finger up the Tank’s ass. Troy returns the favor, smearing the Tiger’s face to the mat as he spreads his legs to shove a finger up the ginger’s hairy hole. These two combatants fight furiously all the way through the third round, but the fury doesn’t stop there. The intense, hot aggression continues into the sex round as the loser is completely dominated for the winners own satisfaction.

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Oral sex – Kyle Sparks

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Kyle Sparks

Kyle shows up a bit nervous. He soon settles down. Kyle gets turned on when he takes off his clothes. He jumps on the Buddy Fucker machine with a big dildo like a pro. Taking it like a man, he moves on to the Little Guy for a wet water fuck. Kyle really gets into it by shooting a hot load to his shoulder while getting fucked by the Little Guy.

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Whipped hard and fucked – What the fuck dude, there’s someone out there.

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What the fuck dude, there’s someone out there.

Brian and DJ are two buddies watching porn in their house in the suburb. They are waiting to hook up with a couple of girls after their night shifts. Their evening changes when a scary lurker hanging around their house. He cuts the electricity and takes them down in the dark. Brian gets tied to a chair and DJ is made to suck his cock. Both receive hard corporal for not cooperating. The intruder suspends DJ to the ceiling fan and beats the hell out of him. He drags the two helpless studs into the bedroom and orders them to fuck. Will the perv lets these two innocent boys go or will he keep them as captives forever?

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Oral sex – Perverted Punishment – Ethan Hudson

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Perverted Punishment – Ethan Hudson

After meeting online, married football coach Ethan Hudson shows up at Matthew’s house for what he thinks will be an afternoon of raunchy fun. What Ethan doesn’t know is that Matthew is actually an actor and we have set up hidden cameras to catch the sexual predator in action. Ethan catches on to our set up and tries to escape, but an entire police squad takes him down hard and drags him back into the house to administer their own form of justice and teach the perv a lesson he won’t soon forget. The nasty coach is stripped down, face-fucked, bound and made to endure shocks from the zapper all over his body in front of a bunch of onlooking neighbors. The officers carry him to the living room where he must service them by licking their boots clean and sucks their dicks while wearing a rat tail butt plug. After an intense flogging, the perv is dragged to the bedroom where he’s tied to the bed and gang fucked by many huge cocks. The officers finish up their lesson by cumming all over the coach’s face and subjecting him to cum denial as they repeatedly push him to the edge.

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Oral sex – Leo Forte vs Roman Rivers

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Leo Forte vs Roman Rivers

Latin hottie Leo Forte consistently dominates the mat with the powerful motion of a wild animal thanks to his training in Brazilian Capoiera. New to NK Roman Rivers is hot as hell. Roman has wrestling background and he’s ready to go. He’s going to use his huge muscles to pin this predator down and tear him apart. But knowing Leo, he’s not going down without giving it all he’s got. It’s agility vs. brawn here at Naked Kombat this week. The winner will celebrate his victory with a fuck that will leave the loser humbled, humiliated and covered in cum.

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